SPAIN’S King Felipe VI will preside over a National Security Council meeting called for noon on Thursday to analyse the situation after Russia’s overnight invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was quick to condemn the move by Vladimir Putin.

“The Government of Spain condemns Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian Government and people,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez tweeted on Thursday morning.

He said that he was in “close” contact with Spain’s EU and NATO partners to coordinate a response to the attacks and would travel to Brussels on Thursday afternoon to an emergency summit of EU leaders.

“It is a completely unjustified aggression, of unprecedented gravity, and a flagrant violation of international law that puts global security and stability at risk,” said an official statement released by the Prime Minister’s office in Moncloa.

“We demand the immediate cessation of hostilities before the number of victims multiplies, as well as the return of troops to the internationally recognized territory of the Russian Federation”.

“In these difficult hours, we also want to reiterate our support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, as well as show all our support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

“We are coordinated with the partners of the European Union and NATO allies to a response adapted to the seriousness of the illegal action of the Russian Federation” the statement said.


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