THREE children who vanished five years ago when they were ‘kidnapped’ by their parents after a tumultuous custody battle have been found in Sevilla

The siblings, then aged two, three and eight years old, were snatched from the Poligono Sur neighborhood in 2017. 

The mother and father were arrested on March 3 after police found the children held in a dark room behind a password-protected door at a flat in Coria. 

The pair were taken into police custody following a five year hunt for their three children after they went missing in 2017. 

The children’s mother, along with the father, had kept their kids isolated from society over that period.

Officers said the children did not go to school or to the doctor and had remained locked up inside the home that was only accessible using a password on the door. 

The three minors were snatched by their parents in June 2017 after they lost custody of the kids then aged one, two and eight. 

They had vanished from the home in the Poligono Sur neighborhood, with their parents hiding from police.

Investigators at the time suspected the parents were responsible and in February local police in  Coria de Rop got a tip that placed the family in Coria. 

Officers watched the property and observed that only the parents would leave the home. 

But during a search of the property they found the three minors hidden inside. 

Police took the child to the child services where they were assessed by medics. 

Both parents have been charged with child abduction and illegal detention and the father is also accused of attacking an agent of the authority, for assaulting a policeman outside his cell.


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