SPAIN has been placed on Vladimir Putin’s list of 43 ‘unfriendly countries’’ who face economic restrictions in retaliation for imposing sanctions on Russia.

The list includes all EU and Nato members as well as a host of financial powerhouses such as the UK, Japan, Singapore, Australia and Switzerland.

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Spain included in Russia’s ‘hostile list’ Image from: Pixabay

It means all transactions with Spain involving loans in roubles, including property deals and financial trades, will  now require special authorisation from the Kremlin.

Spain’s Prime Minister had previously warned that the Russian invasion in Ukraine would impact Spain’s economy and cause an increase in energy bills.

“It is very likely that energy prices remain high and volatile in the future, directly impacting the consumer price index and the purchasing power and wellbeing of our compatriots,” Pedro Sanchez said addressing parliament on Thursday.

“The result will be an economic slowdown in our country and in Europe, and less investment at a key moment for Europe as we consolidate the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis,” he said.


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