The cost of petrol is pricing driving off the roads. Here’s where you’ll find the cheapest fuel in Spain.

The price of petrol in Spain soared above €2 a litre as global oil prices continue to surge in response to Russian’s war on Ukraine.

But the price differs from place to place with some low-cost petrol stations offering savings at the pump.

Here’s what we know.

According to the latest data published in Spanish newspaper El Correo, the average price at the pump in Spain on Monday is €1.85 per litre of petrol and €1.83 per litre for diesel.

How to find the cheapest petrol stations in Spain. Image from: Wikimedia

According to the Website Autopista, you can save at least €15 on a tank if you fill up in certain petrol stations.

The website Diesel Gasolina shows where the cheapest petrol stations are near your location.

For example the best deals can currently be found at Cepsa in Port de la Selva (Girona)  where petrol costs €1.47 per litre,  Repsol in Almansa  where it costs €1,47 per litre, Camsa Express in Barcelona where it is €1,69 a litre.

There are certain apps available to help drivers find their nearest petrol station, such as Gas All, Fuel Flash and Gasolina Now


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