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‘Covid taxes’, hotel deals and the price of a pint – what can Brits expect on holiday in Spain...

THOUSANDS of hotels and restaurants across Spain have reopened in a major boost for the economy. Some 12% of the country’s GDP comes from tourism,...

Petrol prices in Spain register highest decrease in four years, but food prices continue to rise

PETROL prices in Spain have dropped by 1% in May, but food prices continue to rise.

Property valuation: a science or an art?

Price, value, worth and why they are three different things

Rent prices on the rise as Spanish property market recovers

The average price of house rentals has increased in every region

Malaga diesel prices plunge to five-year low

A Ronda service station is selling diesel for under one euro per litre

Price of new build properties up in Spain for first time since 2007

This year has seen a new lease of life for new builds

Chasing dividend yield for income

Market volatility may reap great rewards if your investment is shrewdly managed

House prices in Spain still significantly high

Data published in the IMF quarterly Global Housing Watch report shows that house prices in Spain are still standing at 15% above the average

Spanish wind turbine manufacturer issues new shares

Gamesa will use the extra revenue for international expansion

Spain sees record drop in house prices

Spain's housing market has already experienced a 12.6 percent drop in prices this year

Spain braces for rise in the price of electricity and natural gas

As Spain´s economic crisis persists, the price of electricity and gas are set to increase

Jamon bubble bursts

The price of Andalucian pork products is plummeting this festive season