THE price of second-hand housing has risen by 10.2% in Malaga and stands at €2,551 per square meter—making it the sixth most expensive in Spain.

According to a report published this Tuesday, May 3, by the real estate portal Idealista on the second-hand housing market, the average price at the end of the first four months of the year was €2,551 per square metre in Malaga, an increase of 10.2% over the previous year.

This increase places Malaga as the province with the highest rise in price of second-hand housing in the whole of Spain, ahead of the 9.5% increase in Tenerife, 9.4% in Toledo and 8.5% in Alicante.

Not only that, but the rise to €2,551 per square meter in Malaga makes it the sixth most expensive area to buy in Spain with the Balearic Islands, where the price has risen by 7% in the last twelve months, the most expensive province in which to buy a house (€3,353 per square metre).

The Balearic Islands is followed by Guipuzcoa (€3,253 per square metre), Madrid (€3,012), Barcelona (€2,726), Vizcaya (€2,651), and then Malaga.

Ciudad Real is the cheapest province with a price of €765 per square metre, followed by Cuenca (€814).

Idealista also places Malaga city as the city where values are currently at their highest historical levels—€2,225, 5.6% more than twelve months ago.


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