AFTER a 6,000km round trip, a team of Alicante province firefighters have brought 27 Ukrainian refugees to the safety of Costa Blanca.

Nine volunteers used four vehicles to (first) take humanitarian aid to Poland’s border town of Medyca.

Torrevieja Ukraine Refugees 2
SAFE FROM WAR: Refugees arrive in Torrevieja
IMAGE CREDIT: Alicante Bomberos

Once refugees fleeing from war-torn Ukraine received the clothing and groceries, the firefighters collected desperate families with connections in Spain from Warsaw, Poland’s capital, seeking the safety of Costa Blanca.

Some 27 Ukrainians have been spread between major cities: six in Barcelona, two in Valencia, with the remaining 19 were received in Torrevieja.

Natalia Zhezhnyavska, president of Torrevieja’s Ukrainian Association, welcomed her compatriots along with family, friends and local council dignitaries.

Natalia Zhezhnyavska
PROUD: Natalia Zhezhnyavska

After their five day journey, the firemen were thanked by their chief, Carlos Mazón, who mentioned: “the pride that we feel in the whole province for your work.”


Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, proclaimed on social media, “There have been 19 people who have just arrived, escaping from the barbarism that ravages their country.”

Continuing, “My recognition and congratulations for the work done by these hero firefighters who have made it possible.

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