AN EVIL son accused of stealing €60,000 from his elderly mother after breaking contact with her years earlier has been arrested on the Costa del Sol. 

The cruel son allegedly splurged €8,000 on credit cards that he snatched from his pensioner mother. 

Police snared the son, along with two others, after a woman in her 80s reported a burglary at her home in Nerja in November. 

The victim told cops heartless thieves had robbed her of her life savings, including  jewellery and watches worth €40,000 as well as €12,000 euros in cash. 

Investigators launched Operation Vitra and found that the perpetrators of the robbery had not forced entry to the house and quickly determined that someone must have entered using a tool or a key to the front door.

The investigation led officers to Villanueva del Trabuco, where the victim’s son lived with his partner. 

The man has a long police record and his partner had made numerous purchases on 31 October in various establishments in Nerja and Malaga. Taking advantage of Halloween, the pair disguised themselves while making the purchases, in order to make their identification difficult.

According to the Guardia Civil, the purchases made added up to €8,000 euros, a figure that coincided with the purchases made with the stolen credit card. 

After three months of investigation, officers proceeded to the arrest of the victim’s son and his partner, as well as a third individual who had been complicit in helping make the purchases.

The investigation determined that the victim’s son had obtained a copy of the keys to his mother’s home, where together with his partner he stole the victim’s objects and savings. He also stole the credit card and pin code, as he knew where the woman kept it.

Guardia Civil officers found the same disguises used by the alleged perpetrators to make the purchases in their home in Villanueva del Trabuco. They also recovered all the items stolen from the victim’s home and the items purchased with the stolen card, including a 55-inch television, perfumes, high-end clothes and footwear.

A pistol, six bladed weapons, two precision scales, 2.5 kilograms of marijuana and four grams of cocaine were among other items also found during the search. 

The three detainees have been handed over to the courts in Torrox.


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