A DOG has been stranded at Madrid airport unable to legally enter the country because his owner failed to have him microchipped.

Luno, arrived with its owner on a flight from South America to Madrid, but was denied permission to enter Spanish territory because he didn’t meet the regulations which require all pets to be microchipped.

According to the staff at Madrid’s Adolfo Suarez Barajas airport, he is in good condition and is being fed in a cage within the customs area but he is not surrounded by his loved ones.

“Luno is being taken care of in terms of basic needs by the airport staff, but he is isolated as if he was merchandise and without contact with his owner or any other known person,” said a statement from Spain’s animal rights party Pacma which has taken up the cause.

Pacma said that as the owner of the animal is unable to return with him to their country of origin the animal could be sacrificed.

Pacma is calling on Spain’s Agricultural Ministry to come up with a solution to regularise the pet and avoid him being put down.


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