AN Alicante man has been arrested for reporting a bogus crime in an attempt to defraud his insurance company.

The ‘victim’, 64, filed two complaints with the Policia Nacional, after discovering his first crime report would not be covered by his insurers since it was not a violent assault.

The man went to the police initially to report that his wallet had disappeared containing bank cards and money.

He told officers that the thief was a woman that approached him in an Alicante shopping centre and he provided a detailed description of her.

Ten days later, he reappeared at the police station.

He had discovered a major flaw in his crime report which made no mention of violence, and therefore would not be eligible for an insurance pay-out.


The second report saw him miraculously remember that the female thief followed him home.

She attacked him in the entrance to his property and took his wallet, thus making it a robbery with violence.

The Policia Nacional checked out the stories and quickly deduced that the ‘victim’ was trying to scam his insurance company.

The man was summoned for a third visit to the police station.

He arrived to be promptly arrested for reporting a bogus crime and for attempted fraud.

The Spaniard, with no criminal record, was bailed ahead of his Alicante court appearance.


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