VOX has launched a public attack on the Consell de Mallorca’s Platform for the Language entity.

The far right party has demanded an explanation from the Minister of Language Policy, Bel Busquets, over the council’s adoption of a new initiative in cooperation with the platform called ‘Normaliza Mallorca’.

The campaign aims to preserve Catalan by ensuring road signs and public notices are written in Catalan.

The language entity claims the use of Catalan is being eroded ‘in the streets and in the shops’ and calls for Mallorcans to push for more widespread use of Catalan in public areas.

“If you want it to be heard, talk about it, choose it, claim it,” An advertising video released by the group says.

Vox said the Consell de Mallorca ‘is being turned into a secret agent in defense of Catalan’ and that it was carrying out ‘persecution of Spanish’.

The platform has received at least €100,000 euros in subsidies from the Balearic Government in the past few years.

One grant awarded totalled €30,000 to create a Catalan-only dating app on the island.


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