THE atmospheric instability will continue in Andalucia until Wednesday of next week, March 30, weather expert says.

According to the territorial delegate of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) in Andalucia, Luis Fernando Lopez Cotin, ‘the atmospheric instability will continue over the next few days and rainfall is expected to continue’.

“There will be intervals when it stops, but in general the next few days will be marked by rain and abundant clouds”, said Lopez Cotin.

The heavy rain and ‘clearly unstable’ weather, which is expected over the weekend and into the middle of next week, is due to the current low atmospheric pressure to the west, in the Gulf of Cadiz.

Since yesterday, AEMET downgraded the weather warnings that were in place in areas of Cadiz and Malaga from orange alert to yellow, with both provinces registering a voluminous amount of rain.

So far the rain has been more abundant in parts of Malaga and Cadiz, specifically in Olvera (Cadiz), which saw 41.2 litres per square metre of rain in just one hour and Estepona (Malaga) which registered 40.8 litres per square metre in an hour and saw the Monterroso River in Estepona overflow its banks and flood vast areas.


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