IF you’d invested $100,000 in January 2018 in funds tracking a global equity index, should you have sold up by now? 

The data shows that if you panic-sold as the COVID-19 pandemic struck (February 2020) you’d have $107,000.

But if you held on until today, you’d have $150,000.

(This is based on the MSCI ACWI Index, which represents the performance of stock in 23 developed and 24 emerging markets.)

The year-to-date gains in 2022 make it seem we’re in a crisis yet again.

The S&P 500 is down 9.15%, the Nasdaq100 is down 15.4% and the MSCI World Index is down 17.2%

In times like this the words of financial columnist Morgan Housel are interesting.

“Every past market crash looks like an opportunity, but every future market crash looks like a risk,” he said.

Chorus Financial’s award winning team

Chorus Financial will give a free review of your arrangements

History has proven that markets always rebound.

The Dow Jones, for example, has grown an average of 2.6% above pre-crisis levels within 18 weeks, according to the last major 50 events since the turn of the 20th century.

But of course, a rising index doesn’t mean that all stocks within it have grown.

For you to take advantage, you’ll need a wise investment plan in well diversified funds.

Chorus Financial is a Costa Blanca based firm of award-winning financial advisers.

We declare 100% of all fees and commissions and offer solutions without tie-ins.

As part of our ethical approach, we can review your existing investment arrangements for free – without pressure or obligation.

Our top financial advisers can clearly demonstrate how we might improve the performance of your investments, all fees accounted for.

Chorus Financial
Chorus Financial is a Costa Blanca based firm of award-winning financial advisers

Meet the team

Our financial advisers are fully licensed, qualified and regulated to provide financial advice in Spain and across the EU.

You can find a Chorus office in Javea, right next to the Arenal.

We’ve also just opened an office in Benijofar on the Costa Blanca south.

I’m Tracy Storer, with 10 years’ experience specifically dealing with expat clients on the Costa Blanca. 

Along with Sam Kelly, our managing partner, and Chris Ward, our partner and financial planner, we would love to help you ready your investments for 2022.



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