SPANISH megastar Rosalia has revealed secret screenshots from fellow singing sensation Harry Styles – but it appears the pair’s interaction got lost in translation. 

During an interview on The Tonight Show the Catalan-born songstress explained that she changes her number a lot to help her focus when she’s working in the studio. 

When host Jimmy Fallon suggested that friends would then be texting someone else, she responded: “That happened to me – I didn’t know that [someone else gets your old number. I thought you use that number and then it disappears or something.”

The 28-year-old revealed that confusion over her digits recently left her red-faced when boyband star Styles tried to reach out to her. 

Instead of speaking to the Spanish warbler, clueless Styles accidentally messaged a mystery individual who inherited Rosalia’s old phone number. 

The Spanish pop star pulled her phone out of her boot to show the host screenshots of the bizarre exchange Styles had sent her, saying: “Your texts are so confusing.”

In the screenshot, you can see that the British star had sent Rosalia a message about her song ‘Dolerme’, calling it ‘so beautiful’. 

The person with Rosalia’s old number then replied: “I know my darling.” 

After exchanging ‘love you’ messages, the stranger then revealed that they didn’t know who they were texting.

When Styles told them he was ‘confused’, they replied: “This number belongs to someone before. But now it’s my number. So don’t bother me anymore. Good night. Thank you.”

“Imagine being that person now watching Jimmy Fallon’s show being like, ‘I said ‘Don’t bother me anymore to Harry Styles!’’,” Rosalia said. 

You can watch the full interview below.


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