AN 82-year-old man terrorized his neighbour’s cats by shooting at them with a pellet gun from the window of his house in Palma.

The octogenarian pleaded guilty to animal mistreatment and was handed a one year suspended sentence and told to pay €2,900 in damages to his neighbour as well as cover veterinary damages.

He has also been banned from owning pets for three years.

Cat Operation Pixabay
He has also been banned from owning pets. Photo: Pixabay

For two years during 2020 and 2021 he regularly took aim at the four cats resident next door in the Son Cotoner neighbourhood of the island’s capital 

Two of the cats, Curly and Nieve, had to undergo surgery to remove the pellets, while Gris was lame for two week and the fourth cat, named Blanco y Negro will be on medication for the rest of its life.


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