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EYES PEELED: Fears of evil torturer who attacks cats with boiling liquids in Spain’s Mallorca

POLICE have been called in over a series of incidents that have maimed cats with boiling liquids in Mallorca. Volunteers at a cat shelter in...

‘Big cat’ terrorising residents in Spain’s Cadiz is just that—a big cat

THE story of a ‘ferocious feline’ stalking the quiet Cadiz municipality of Los Barrios made headlines across the country several weeks ago, with images...

Gibraltar police appeal: Do you know Cuffs?

A CAT lost one of its nine lives after being run over by a car on Piccadilly Roundabout in Gibraltar. Royal Gibraltar Police officers rushed...

Cat shot in school playground in Spain’s Malaga raises security concerns

A CAT has allegedly been shot with an air weapon inside the grounds of a public school in Alhaurin de la Torre. The incident took...

Cat hater: 82-year-old took aim at neighbours four cats in two year campaign of terror in Spain’s Mallorca

AN 82-year-old man terrorized his neighbour’s cats by shooting at them with a pellet gun from the window of his house in Palma. The octogenarian...

WATCH: Police save cat overcome by toxic fumes from volcano in La Palma on Spain’s Canary Islands

OFFICERS on the Canary Island of La Palma came to the rescue of a cat named Felix after he was overcome by toxic fumes...

WATCH: Soldier rescues cat engulfed by volcanic ash on La Palma by performing ‘mouth-to-mouth’

IT IS said that cats have nine lives, and this lucky feline on the island of La Palma certainly owes one of them to...

Home alone cat in Spain’s Lugo wakes neighbourhood by blasting out music in the middle of the night

POLICE attending a noise complaint in Spain’s Lugo last weekend were startled to find a ‘home alone’ cat responsible for the midnight rave. According to...

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese expat on Spain’s Costa del Sol claims vet assaulted her after she blamed him for cat’s death

A CHINESE expat has slammed a vet after she claims her cat died in mysterious circumstances at the clinic overnight.

Cat ‘dies after catching coronavirus’ in Spain first

SPAIN has registered its first feline victim of COVID-19.  Negrito, a four-year-old cat in Catalunya, caught the disease after its owner died from the virus. It...

‘Greedy’ landowner sells expats’ animal refuge land near Costa del Sol meaning 800 animals could be killed

“The ruthless owner has already shown his true colours,” said a foundation spokesperson

Ex-Costa del Sol British expat spends £8,000 saving 41 cats from Duquesa

Ex-Gibraltar project analyst Laura Inglis ships moggies home

Expats fear for cat welfare as dozens of traps are set up in Spanish town

EXCLUSIVE: Dozens of traps have upset ‘horrified’ cat owners in Malaga province

Babysitting blues

Giles Brown breaks the first rule of a peaceful existence… childcare

Estepona ‘cat burglars’ arrested after targeting expats

Two men used a cat recording to distract their victims

Cat travels to USA after sneaking on board ship in Algeciras and gives birth on the voyage

The cat gave birth to four kittens on the journey

Expat launches stray cat campaign after ‘witchcraft ritual’ killing

EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Dooley found her moggie Postman Pat ‘sliced open and with his heart removed’

Resolving not to

Belinda Beckett, aka Mistress of Sizzle, is making no promises for 2015

Estepona cat killer avoids prison

A pensioner who hid two cat corpses in a street bin will be able to work with animals in eight months

Big cat diaries and Ebola baloney

If you think you’ve spotted the Beast of Bodmin it’s only Isis of Istan, Giles’ AWOL black cat

La Cala cougar may be back in Andalucia

Andalucia's mysterious big cat may have returned to the area after a five year absence, after a potential sighting in Mijas

Spanish cat journeys solo to the UK

The tiny feline journeyed across Spain, France, and the English Channel.

The secret of cats’ nine lives

David 'the Dogman' looks into why felines always seem to land on their four feet

Who’s in charge – you or your cat?

Celia Haddon discovers why it's the cat who wears the trousers in your household

British couple survive 40m cliff fall in Spain

Driver lost control of car after swerving to avoid a cat




Locals in over 10 Castilla y Leon municipalities are drinking non-potable water 

Residents of Valladolid (Castilla y Leon) and 10 towns within its province are consuming non-drinkable water.  The water in these municipalities has nitrate levels over...


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