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EYES PEELED: Fears of evil torturer who attacks cats with boiling liquids in Spain’s Mallorca

Mallorca Cat Burns 1

POLICE have been called in over a series of incidents that have maimed cats with boiling liquids in Mallorca.

Volunteers at a cat shelter in Pollensa have filed an official complaint to attempt to track down the attacker.

The group, alongside vets and the town hall, made the move after rescuing a cat – who they named Mia – that had been doused in what appeared to be oil.

Mia, who is a gentle and affectionate Tortoiseshell, was found by local woman Margarita Llabres, 54, and rushed to the local Cat Protection Pollensa society on Sunday night for help.

Good Samaritan Llabres spotted the ailing animal with deep burns and blisters across her face, ears, chest, neck and legs.

Mallorca Cat Burns 2
‘Loving and affectionate’ Mia has spent the past few days at Cat Protection Pollensa where volunteers have been caring for her. Credit: Cat Protection Pollens

She was brought in and quickly rushed to the emergency clinic where shocked vets did the best they could to help her.

They believe she had been attacked a week earlier and they continue to treat her with morphine and antibiotics.

In a further alarming twist, the Pollensa society handled another similar case last year.

In the incident recorded last May, a second cat received burns on its head and ears. 

It is thought that there may well be others, perhaps in other parts of the island, which is home to a number of cat ‘colonies’.

Mallorca Cat Burns 4
Mia suffered burns across her head, ears, neck, back and legs from what vets suspect to be either boiling water or hot oil. Credit: Cat Protection Pollens

“I don’t know how anyone could do this to a defenceless animal,” Toni Beech, 48, who volunteers at the rescue society, told the Olive Press. 

The English mum, who moved to Mallorca 18 months ago, burst into tears the first time she saw the state of Mia.

“It breaks my heart. She knows we are trying to help her and she thankfully lets us,” she said.

Despite the cruelty and burns on nearly 50% of her body, she continues to be ‘very loving and trusting.’

“She just wants to lie on our laps and get cuddles and strokes all the time,” adds Toni.

Unfortunately, police told the group there is no CCTV in the Carrer del Colomer area Mia was found, but they have agreed to be more vigilant in the area.

Mallorca Cat Burns 3
The hunt is on for the perpetrator after a similar attack was discovered last year. Credit: Cat Protection Pollens

Agents from the Guardia Civil’s nature and animal protection arm, Seprona, are however, making ‘further enquiries’ and are taking a detailed report from the vet.

Councillor Bianca Aguilar, who helped file the complaint, said: “It is very difficult to know who did this horrifying act.

“We need people to be vigilant and know there is someone out there who mistreats animals in this way.

“We hope that by raising public awareness we can prevent these things from happening again.”

It appears Mia has been abandoned by her owner, given she had been neutered not long before the attack. 

There has so far been at least one tentative offer to re-home Mia, but she will not be well enough to be rehomed for a while.

If you are interested in re-homing Mia or supporting the good work of Cat Protection Pollensa, please visit their website.


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