OFFICERS on the Canary Island of La Palma came to the rescue of a cat named Felix after he was overcome by toxic fumes released from the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

The black and white cat was discovered barely breathing lying motionless on an ash-covered rooftop in Puerto Naos.

Two officers from the Policia Nacional came to his aid, lifting him to safety and laying him out on a table where they worked to revive the poor animal.

One administered oxygen from their own personal protective equipment while the other massaged his body to gently resuscitate the feline.

Felix has been described as ‘fully recovered’ by

“Come on, pretty boy, come on, let’s go,” the officers shouted, urging the feline to fight.

A moment later, Felix uttered a miaow.

A video of the rescue was uploaded by animal rescue charity who said the feline, part of a colony of cats in the area, was now fully recovered.


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