Crew with kittens
Crew with kittens. Photo by Courtesy

A STOWAWAY moggie has touched down in the United States after sneaking on board a ship in Algeciras.

Ginger feline Frederica sneaked aboard the vessel heading to Houston on March 13 and gave birth to four kittens on the voyage, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

A crew member had reported a sighting of the cat two days after setting sail but the mischievous moggie evaded capture during a search of the ship.

Frederica finally revealed herself on March 17 after a bad storm rolled in.

Crew members noticed her walking the deck and found her soaking wet and quite weak.

Her litter was quickly discovered hiding out in a pallet of food after a sweep of the area.

Having no cat food on board, they fed the cats liver, fish and chicken.

After obtaining permission from US Customs, the crew brought the cats into the country.

They are now in the care of the League City Animal Shelter, who are looking for adopters in the States to take them in.

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