A CHINESE expat has slammed a vet after she claims her cat died in mysterious circumstances at the clinic overnight.

Diana Wang, 34, believed her British shorthair cat named Minou was merely suffering from a bladder infection when she dropped him into the Mijas vet on May 1.

But the next day she got a call from the vet saying he had died of a ‘heart failure’.

Police are now looking into her claims and she is demanding explanations from the Butibamba vet in La Cala de Mijas.

“I have asked the vet why he didn’t do a urine test on Minou and he said he didn’t have to because he could see what he had.


“I then asked how he could know what was wrong with him and then he got angry saying it was my fault the cat died because I took him to the vet too late”, she added.

She claims she was ‘manhandled’ out of the vet when she asked to see CCTV footage of the night in question.

“I felt so humiliated,” adding that she had phoned the police who arrived and took her statement, before phoning an ambulance as she couldn’t feel her limbs.

She was later told she had experienced ‘an anxiety attack’.

The clinic failed to comment.

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