P.8 LEAD Voodoo cat murder
HEARTLESS CRIME: Seprona is investigating the killing

A HEARTBROKEN expat is blaming voodoo for the ‘assassination’ of her beloved cat.

Kelly Dooley, 44, found her moggie Postman Pat ‘sliced open and with his heart removed’ near her Benalmadena home.

Dooley, originally from London, looks after a total of 55 cats and is now raising money in a bid to save as many Costa del Sol strays as possible.

“Postman Pat was brutally murdered,” she said. “I found him left by the rubbish bins sliced open.

“The crime scene looked like a voodoo ritual had been performed.

“I cannot understand how someone could be so cruel, it has completely broken my heart.

“I need to spread the word that there is someone out there doing this.”

The vet’s autopsy report confirmed that Pat’s heart had been removed with a knife or scalpel at a separate location to where the corpse was discovered.

Seprona officers have also visited the scene and are continuing their investigations.

The number of cats and dogs on Spain’s streets has continued to rise since the economic crisis.

A pet is abandoned every three minutes in Spain, and 150,000 pets are abandoned each year, according to animal rights group Observatorio de la Fundacion Affinity.

To support Dooley’s cause, which has already raised €800, visit www.gofundme.com/m4zvzg

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  1. Yet another horrific act of cruelty to an animal. Whoever did this is a psychopath and should not be allowed to walk the streets – there is every chance this person would brutally attack a human being given the opportunity. My sympathies go to Kelly Dooley who must have been deeply traumatised to find her cat in such a terrible state.

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