A FORMER expat has spent thousands sending dozens of Spanish street cats back to the UK.

Laura Inglis, 49, has splashed more than £8,000 on 41 furry friends rescued from her former hometown of Duquesa.

FELINE FEELINGS: Cat lover's purr-fect solution
FELINE FEELINGS: Cat lover’s purr-fect solution

The ex-Gibraltar project analyst is now based in Edinburgh at her 75-year-old mother’s house, alongside all 41 cats, having spent the money on passports, transportation and jabs.

“The set up is not really suitable because I live in the city centre near busy roads,” said Inglis, who is hoping to raise £10,500 to pay for their treatments.

“I am now in the process of finding each of them a safe and loving home.”

Laura spends £600 a month on food while the treatments the cats will need include extra blood tests and jabs which can cost £80 per cat.

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