A MINOR 3.0 magnitude earthquake has been registered in the province of Sevilla this Thursday.

The quake was felt yesterday, Thursday afternoon, in the Sierra Sur region of Sevilla, with its epicentre to the southeast of the town of El Coronil.

According to the National Geographic Institute (IGN), the earthquake took place at 3.28 pm, a tremor which lasted almost two minutes, specifically between 3:28:37 pm and 3:30:33 pm.

Initially, no material damage or personal injury has been reported as a result of this minor earthquake, however, several calls were made to the emergency services indicating the tremor had been felt, others reporting a loud noise.

Since the earthquake occurred, there have been four aftershocks in the area, all with their epicentre in the subsoil of the neighbouring town of Montellano, none of which have exceeded two degrees of intensity and none of which have been felt by the local residents.

The aftershocks were recorded at 8:40 pm (with a 1.6 magnitude), 8:45 pm (1.8 magnitude), 10:15 pm (1.6 magnitude) and 11:27 pm (1.6 magnitude), all with a depth of between 8 and 21 kilometres.

Earthquake Magnitude Scale:

2.5 or less: Usually not felt, but can be recorded by seismograph.

2.5 to 5.4: Often felt, but only causes minor damage.

5.5 to 6.0: Slight damage to buildings and other structures.

6.1 to 6.9: May cause a lot of damage in very populated areas.

7.0 to 7.9: Major earthquake. Serious damage.

8.0 or greater: Great earthquake. Can totally destroy communities near the epicentre.


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