AFTER an Easter week marked by sunny skies and warm temperatures you may be tempted to believe that summer has well and truly arrived early in Spain.

However, don’t pack away the winter clothes quite yet as the mercury is set to plummet and rain is expected across much of the peninsula.

On Tuesday a cold front arrives from the north bringing snow to mountainous areas and rain on the plains. 

Between Tuesday and Saturday some 30cm is expected to fall in mountain ranges in the north of Spain while in the south temperatures could drop by as much as 10ºC and heavy rain is predicted.

Last week saw higher temperatures that usual for the time of the year with 30ºC recorded in both Orense in Galicia and Huelva in Andalucia.

However a sudden return to wintry weather isn’t unusual after a warm spell, with one Spanish well known saying warning against being too quick to welcome summer.

You may have heard the perplexing phrase ‘Hasta el cuarenta de mayo, no te quites el sayo’, which translated literally means ‘until May 40, don’t take off your tunic’ (or in modern times, raincoat).

The expression – which first appeared in a poem by Rodriguez Marón dating from 1896 – warns that the summer weather doesn’t really become reliable until around about June 10.


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