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Spain blasted in hottest day ever recorded for month of May  

SPAIN’S weather agency has confirmed that Saturday May 21 was the hottest day recorded in the month of May since records began. Unseasonably warm weather...

CLIMATE CHANGE: Average temperature in Malaga soars by 1.32ºC in 100 years —with Cordoba leading the ranks in temperature...

TEMPERATURES in Spanish cities have not stopped rising in recent years. In fact, the average temperature in Malaga has increased 1.32ºC degrees between 1900 and...

Don’t pack away the winter clothes! Temperatures set to plummet across Spain

AFTER an Easter week marked by sunny skies and warm temperatures you may be tempted to believe that summer has well and truly arrived...

INDIAN SUMMER: Warm weather will continue in Spain’s Malaga until Monday, when autumn temperatures will return

The heat and temperatures have, in some areas of the province, bordered on 30C.

First five months of 2020 in Spain were the hottest of any year since records began

THE first five months of 2020 in Spain have been the hottest first five months of any year since records began.

Last year was the warmest year in Europe’s history

LAST year was the warmest year in Europe’s history, it has been announced.

SCORCHING: Spain set for first heat wave of 2018 with highs of 40C

AEMET has warned of boiling temperatures from Wednesday until at least Sunday

Big freeze to hit Andalucia this week

Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET) has predicted daytime temperatures as low as -4 in during the big freeze, which is set to takeover the region from Wednesday until the weekend

Hottest ever May on record for Spain with temperatures hitting 42.9 degrees centigrade

Three recent deaths in Spain have been put down to soaring temperatures

Wine aged at home could be a massive waste of money

As the heat soars in August, wine lovers have been warned to prevent keeping their wines in cupboards at home… and to look for the coolest, constant temperatures for their vino

Jack frost set to bite

Temperatures will fall over the weekend as winter arrives in the south of Spain.

Cool summer for Andalucia

Cooler evenings bring down average temperature

Cool temperatures for Andalucia

Cold winds lower the temperature of both air and water

Heat wave in Andalucia

Temperatures are up to 43C in some places





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