TEMPERATURES in Spanish cities have not stopped rising in recent years.

In fact, the average temperature in Malaga has increased 1.32ºC degrees between 1900 and 2018, as stated by The Observatory of Sustainability, through its report ‘Evolution of Spanish cities 1900-2018’

According to the report, Cordoba is the city that leads the ranking of temperature rise across Spain over the last century, seeing the mercury rise by 2ºC in general.

Linares (Jaen), Ciudad Real and Cuenca have also seen an almost 2ºC increase in temperatures since the beginning of the last century with an increase of 1.98ºC; Ciudad Real and Cuenca join the top five for having increased 1.88ºC, followed by Granada and Alcala de Henares with 1.79ºC increase in thermometer readings.

Continuing with the Andalucian cities, average temperatures have also registered an increase of 1.16ºC in Jerez de la Frontera; 1.18ºC degrees in Almeria and 1.31ºC in Huelva.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cities where temperatures have increased the least have been in Northern Spain. Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña and Vigo have only recorded an increase of 0.76ºC, 0.76ºC and 0.77ºC respectively.

They were followed by Gijon and Alicante with 0.91ºC degrees, Lugo, with 0.92ºC and Ponferrada (Castilla y León), with 0.98ºC.


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