10 Aug, 2012 @ 16:00
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Heat wave in Andalucia

heat wave andalucia spain e
The heat wave continues

A HEAT wave has hit Andalucia, with temperatures up to a sweltering 42C.

According to worldwide site weather.com, it is now 42C in Sevilla, Granada, Jaen and Antequera and 43C in Ecija.

The Olive Press advises its readers to make sure they always have a bottle of water with them and avoid spending prolonged periods outside.

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  1. For our last 6 weeks in Guadix before moving to France, the daytime temperature was a steady 46C, that was 2009.

    Before moving from rainsodden Galicia I checked all the info and nowhere did I find temps of 46C mentioned or the move would never have happened, we would have moved directly to France.

    It’s been very hot for a few days here in the Avreyon, temps up to 34C – we can handle that.

    I remember seeing the poor sods building (joke coming here) the flood proection walls on either side of the river Guadix, how they survived in those temps I just don’t know, the walls were not for flood protection but the first step in building more illegal blocks of flats on prime agricultural land.

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