SPAIN’S Prime Minister has urged French voters to back Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election on Sunday.

Publishing an op-ed in Le Monde alongside the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Portuguese PM Antonio Costa, Pedro Sanchez called on the French electorate to support ‘freedom, democracy and a stronger Europe’.

The trio said there was a choice between ‘a democratic candidate who believes France is stronger in a powerful and autonomous EU, and an extreme-right candidate who openly sides with those attacking our liberty and our democracy.’

Macron Sanchez 2
Key European leaders are urging French voters not to side with Le Pen’s far right ideology.
Photo: Cordon Press.

The European leaders also made an apparent allusion to Le Pen and Brexit, saying the slogan ‘take back control’ had actually weakened the UK.

They claimed Brexit had ‘disrupted transport and supply chains, caused a collapse in foreign trade and seen inflation rates generally higher than in the eurozone.’

Such an intervention is highly unusual and thought to be an indication of how close a contest the election will be between the incumbent Macron and his far-right rival.

A spokesperson for Le Pen condemned the article and claimed the intervention would be poorly received by voters.

“Many other EU governments share our vision for an alliance of sovereign nations,” the spokesperson said.


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