THE political party ‘Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal’ (PACMA) has confirmed that a feral cat has suffered and died from horrific injuries after being shot with a pellet gun and five other cats have been seriously injured.

PACMA has denounced the incident and asks for public collaboration to find the person responsible.

The reports provided by the community cat manager responsible for the colony show the presence of numerous pellets lodged in the bodies of several cats, some of them embedded to the point of requiring surgical intervention. One of the cats has even lost an eye, having been shot very close to the eyeball.

The reported facts may constitute an alleged crime as the feral cat just like a pet cat is a domestic animal whose health impairment or intentional killing is punishable.

PACMA has requested that anyone who may have indications of responsibility for these events should contact the Guardia Civil in Malaga directly in order to speed up the investigation.

The Animalist Party against mistreatment of animals maintains that this is another attack on a feline colony that adds to all those that have been documented throughout the year in other parts of the country, the most shocking being those in Salamanca, where the shelters used by the cats were burnt, and Benidorm, where a colony of 100 felines were poisoned.


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