SPAIN’S Economy Minister, Nadia Calviño, refused to pose for a photo at the Madrid Leaders Forum in protest at being the only woman in the group. 

Calviño, who has also served as Deputy Prime Minister in Pedro’s Sanchez’ coalition government since July 2021, refused to be in a photo with the organisers of the Madrid Leaders Forum event on the evening of Tuesday 10 May.

By refusing to be part of the photo shoot the minister made good on a promise made in February that she would no longer participate in either photo opportunities or debates in which she found herself to be the only woman.

“There are many events at which I am the only woman because I am a minister,” said Calviño at the time.

The politician has also spoken about how it should no longer be considered normal that “50% of the population is not present” in debates.

Calviño apologised for not participating in the photo but stuck to her word from earlier this year.

She was, however, photographed at the event in a group with the Secretary General of the Madrid Confederation of Businesses (CEIM), Sara Molero.


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