FRENCH train operator Ouigo wants its ‘low cost’ AVE to connect Madrid and Andalucia with five daily return trains, which would stop in Cordoba.

The announcement was made this Tuesday, May 10, coinciding with the first year of its operations in Spain, during which it has transported more than two million people on the high-speed train linking Madrid and Barcelona, with stops in Zaragoza and Tarragona, in a total of 3,674 journeys.

In the coming months, the company will start its operations between Madrid and Valencia, with three daily return journeys.

Additionally, two daily frequencies are planned between Madrid and Alicante, with a stop in Albacete, as well as five round trips between Madrid and Andalucia, with a stop in Cordoba.

The date that this service between Madrid and Andalucia will commence is yet to be set and there is still no definite timetable, although, according to a statement from Ouigo ‘the company is working to make it happen as soon as possible.’

Likewise, the price of the tickets has yet to be determined.

According to the French train operator, this first year operating in Spain has seen an average occupancy rate of 97% on its trains, with peaks that reached 99% and even 100% in festive periods such as the long weekend of the Constitution, Christmas, Carnival, Easter or La Mercè.

Furthermore the company has stated that since its incorporation to the Spanish network, the prices of train tickets between Madrid and Barcelona have been reduced by an average of more than 50% compared to those previously available.


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