THIS Monday, May 23, will see Malaga province experience the hottest day yet of the current heatwave.

As the heatwave subsides in inland Andalucia, which has seen some areas bask in over 40ºC temperatures over the weekend, Malaga will continue with above-average highs.

In fact, Malaga city, thanks to the confirmed arrival of the ‘terral’ wind (a warm to hot wind that sees temperatures rise enormously in just a few minutes when the wind hits the coast) could reach peak levels of 35ºC during the day, with lows hovering around 22ºC.

Forecasts from Spain’s Met office AEMET suggest that the provincial capital will reach 35ºC, closely followed by Velez-Malaga with 34ºC, 30ºC in Marbella and Antequera and highs of 28ºC in Ronda.

The terral wind will blow from the west, getting stronger in the afternoon with intense intervals in coastal areas.

Fortunately, the hazy calima that has covered the skies of Malaga these last three days is expected to disappear during today, Monday, and the suffocating heat will be short-lived.

By the end of today it is expected that the terral wind will have dissipated, bringing a substantial drop in temperatures, by some 7ºC, by tomorrow, Tuesday May 24.

Specifically, AEMET expects highs tomorrow of 28ºC in Malaga City, which, although still high for a month of May, is below 30ºC. Night-time temperatures will, however, continue with the tropical-type heat of around 21ºC.

The drop in temperatures on Tuesday will be generalised throughout the province, with highs of 30ºC expected in Velez-Malaga (compared to 34ºC expected today), while Ronda will see highs of 24ºC, Antequera 26ºC and Marbella 28ºC.

The mercury will continue its downward trend on Wednesday, when maximum temperatures will be around 24-26ºC throughout the province of Malaga—a noticeable drop of 11ºC in just two days.


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