SPAIN will impose limits on air-conditioning in public buildings this summer in a bid to slash its energy bill as prices soar.

Civil servants will have to endure a minimum temperature of 27ºC during the hottest months under measures published in a government decree on Thursday.

While in winter, offices will not be heated above a maximum of 19ºC.

The plan is part of an EU-wide effort to reduce dependence on Russian energy designed to reduce Spain’s central administration’s energy usage by 25%.

Measures include the mass installation of solar panels on public buildings as well as the order to turn off lights earlier.

It also includes measures to encourage public workers to use public transport or cycle to work and to work more from home.

“Even though Spain is one of the European Union countries with the lowest exposure to Russian energy, it is obvious we are not immune to rising energy prices,” explained Budget Minister Maria Jesus Montero.


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