THIS summer will bring ‘warmer than average’ temperatures, weather expert reveals.

According to Jesus Riesco, director of the AEMET Malaga Meteorological Centre, temperature rises have been occurring since 2000 with the anomaly of 2013, the only year in the series in which there was a drop in the average temperature compared to the previous year.

In fact, this last month of May has seen maximum temperatures almost 3ºC above average and minimum temperatures 2ºC.

The gauge, located the weather station at the Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport, has recorded an average of 27ºC during the month of May when the normal temperature in the historical reference period from 1981 to 2010 is 24.3ºC.

“This is 2.7ºC above normal, which is quite a lot,” said Riesco.

An anomaly that is also reflected in the minimum temperatures, in Malaga an average of 16.2ºC has been recorded this last month, when the average reading for the 30-year reference period used by AEMET is 14.2ºC.

Riesco blames this persistent thermal anomaly on ‘climate change.’

“Summers are getting longer and the high temperatures typical of the summer season are reached earlier and end later than usual,” Riesco said.

“This trend speaks of the effects of climate change, which may become more pronounced as the century progresses,” Riesco added.

The general forecast for this summer season is that it will be warmer than average and no rainfall is expected—typical of the summer season—except for the odd inland storm.


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