THE most expensive toll roads in Spain have been revealed, covering the whole of Spain including the Costa del Sol and Costa Brava.

Of all the toll motorways, known by the letters ‘AP’ in Spain, the road running between Zaragoza and Bilbao is the most expensive, costing €33.75 in tolls to travel its 297km, which works out at about 11 cents per km.

This price makes it the fourth most expensive route in Europe, coming in behind Paris-Marseille, Milan-Naples, and Bodo-Oslo. 

In Spain, the second most expensive route is found between León and Campomanes, which costs €13.75, and that of Collado Villalba and Adanero in Madrid at a price of €13.35.

Other expensive routes in Spain can be found on the Costa Brava between Alicante and Murcia, which racks up a charge of €8.30, and between Malaga and Estepona on the Costa del Sol, which costs €8.10.

These prices make Spanish toll motorways more expensive on average than in the UK or Germany. 


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