MURCIA tennis star, Carlos Alcaraz, returned to his home town of El Palmar on Monday to see the inauguration of a 400 square-metre mural dedicated to him.

The 19-year-old, who is ranked seventh in the world, was joined by El Palmar mayor, Jose Antonio Serrano and other dignitaries.

The mural was created by young Mazarron artist, Sbach, and is located at the entrance to the El Palmar district on the Mota Regueron road next to Calle Mayor.

Mural Explained
MURAL EXPLAINED BY SBACH(El Palmar Ayuntamiento image)

The mural required 16 hours a day of work for 8 days, plus the help of a 12-metre high crane.

300 kilos of different shaded paints were used along with a special varnish aimed to preserve the colour and quality of the mural for a long time.

Carlos Alcaraz said: “I’m very proud to represent the Murcia region and bring the name of El Palmar to every corner of the world.”

Artist Sbach emphasised that the mural is a tribute to ‘work, sacrifice, and personal improvement’.

Paying tribute to Alcaraz, Jose Antonio Serrano said: “You are going to give us a lot of joy and all of Murcia will be with you encouraging you and pushing you towards success.”

Alcaraz And Mayor
ALCARAZ & THE MAYOR(El Palmar Ayuntamiento image)

“You have become an unbeatable ambassador.”

Serrano added that El Palmar was a big supporter of street art and has around 90 council-approved murals in the area.


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