MALAGA City Council is preparing its first San Juan night after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The last two years saw beaches closed on this magical and mysterious night, with intense police surveillance to prevent beach-goers trying to go ahead with the ancient midsummer celebration.

This year the police surveillance will be focused on controlling the stockpiles of material that could be used to make uncontrolled bonfires, with operational services and plainclothes police patrolling the area.

The actual number of police officers who will make up the operation, in which the Policia Nacional, Civil Protection and the health services will also collaborate, has yet to be determined.

The complete city council arrangements for the night of 23rd June will be announced shortly.

Despite a return to ‘normality’ only a moderate influx of people are expected to join in with the midsummer celebration this year due to the fact that the festival falls on a working day (Thursday).

La Noche de San Juan is the traditional welcoming of summer seen along every beach in costal Spain on the night of June 23.


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