GIBRALTARIAN film producer, director and writer Ian Serra has signed a Hollywood film deal on three movies. 

And the Rock itself is destined for the silver screen as two of the movies were shot entirely on location in Gibraltar.

Hollywood distribution company Buffalo 8 has purchased Serra’s films The Mount and The Mount 2. Included in the deal is Pandora. All three will be brought to screens around the world. Pandora was directed and produced by the late Carl Whiteley and his wife Esther Gonzalez Munoz.

The Mount is a horror film which stars an entirely local cast from Gibraltar and is one of the few feature length films shot entirely on The Rock. 

The local cast of the sequel film The Mount 2 even included Minister for Health and Environment Dr John Cortes who played a cameo role as a homeless person. 

The main characters were all extremely young at the time of filming – Niall Evan Serra who plays lead Laran was a law student during filming of The Mount 2, while co-star Mia Sen, who plays Tracey in the film, was still completing her A-levels. 

Ian Serra has starred in over 20 movies himself but his ambition was always to make a movie in his homeland of the Rock.

This dream has not only come true but now is being taken even further to the heights of Hollywood. 


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