THE big clear up got underway on Friday morning to clean beaches left littered with rubbish after the San Juan celebrations of the night before.

The scenes are the same every year on beaches across Spain as the sand is covered is the detritus of plastic and glass bottles from parties held on La Noche de San Juan on the 23rd June.

In Malaga alone, a team of 218 municipal workers started their shift at 5.30am to remove the tons of waste left on the shore.

A fleet of 68 vehicles including tractors, beach cleaning machines, trucks, were used to clear up the rubbish left behind.

Cleaning workers were given a deadline of 10am to restore the beaches to their usual pristine condition but workers complained it simply wasn’t enough time to clear up all the mess.

The Spanish animal rights party PACMA had urged revellers to be mindful of nature when celebrating San Juan asking people to clear up after themselves, a plea that largely fell on deaf ears.


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