TWO Malaga restaurants have positioned themselves in the European ranking for top eating establishments.

Malaga has always been home to great cuisine and special produce, and this year, 2022, it can proudly boast to have two restaurants to be among the most outstanding in Europe.

According to the Opinionated About Dining (OAD) ranking, which has just published a list of the ‘150 Best Casual Restaurants in Europe’ of 2022, based on reviews submitted by some of the world’s most experienced diners, the Fuengirola seafood restaurant Los Marinos José, considered the temple of seafood on the Costa del Sol for more than 30 years, is in third position.

In addition to the ‘Best Casual Restaurants in Europe’ the OAD has also published a list of the ‘30 Best New European Restaurants’ of the year. Topping this list is ‘Desde 1911’ located in Madrid and is the latest project of the Grupo Pescaderias Coruñesas.

In second place is the modern grill Smoked Room located in the Hyatt Regency Hotel (Madrid), with the signature of Malaga-born chef Dani Garcia and in 16th place is the Malaga establishment Kaleja.

Kaleja, owned by chef Dani Carnero, sits in an exclusive part of the Jewish quarter in Malaga, and its cuisine uses only the finest seasonal produce to create exceptional dishes. The restaurant also has two ‘sun’ distinction from the Repsol Guide, a respected authority on Spanish cuisine

OAD’s list of the ‘Best European Restaurants’ – more focused on haute cuisine – will be announced on June 27.


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