PASSENGERS on board a flight from Liverpool to Tenerife have shared their dismay at what they describe as a ‘flight from hell’ which occurred July 6.

A passenger on board the Easyjet flight told Murcia Today of the ordeal suffered by passengers thanks to unruly holidaymakers.

On board the flight, an announcement was made warning people not to drink duty free alcohol bought on board.

It appears this was directed at a couple who were getting progressively more drunk and were abusing other passengers.

The couple were also caught smoking in the toilets, causing flight attendants to permanently close them.

Easyjet Snip 1
The news came as fresh strikes were announced this month by Spanish cabin crews working for the company.
Photo: Wikipedia.

The couple’s behaviour became so bad that the pilot announced the flight would be diverted to land in Lisbon, causing widespread commotion.

Once the plane landed, the pair were forcibly removed from the plane by police officers, after they started to threaten fellow passengers.

To make matters worse, another passenger who desperately needed to relieve himself, tried to open the out-of-bounds toilet, but was forced back to his seat.

He then wet himself, with one passenger describing ‘urine pouring down the row behind him.’ before he too was removed from the flight.

The journey to Spain then resumed – some two hours after its unplanned stop-off in Portugal. 

A spokesperson for Easyjet said: “Easyjet can confirm a flight from Liverpool to Tenerife on July 6 diverted to Lisbon and was met by police as a result of two passengers on board behaving disruptively.”


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