THREE women registered with an Alicante area fertility clinic have been conned out of over €30,000 in a computer scam.

The Guardia Civil have arrested two people and are investigating three others in Almeria and Malaga Provinces.

The gang has a history of similar crimes and hacked into the clinic’s computer system.

They sent out bogus e-mails to the client list asking for payments.

Three women of Dutch, German, and Irish nationalities made bank transfers to the fraudsters who then transferred the money to a company account in the Netherlands to launder the proceeds.

Investigations started last August when the clinic reported the scam involving the three clients.

The cyber-fraudsters gained access to clinic computers via malware to obtain the e-mail lists.

They then changed the bank account details of the clinic sent to clients, who then inadvertently transferred cash to the criminals.

The gang was led by a Romanian man, 41, with significant computer knowledge, who was arrested in Roquetas de Mar in Almeria in June.

The Guardia Civil investigation has not finished as they expect to uncover more victims of the scam.


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