SCALDING wind has placed Malaga as the hottest province in the whole of Spain with record-breaking temperatures recorded in Estepona.

Residents in Estepona experienced the highest temperature in Spain yesterday, Tuesday July 26, with debilitating highs of 42.1C registered, according to Spain’s Met Office, AEMET.

Malaga capital registered a scolding 41.4ºC; Malaga Airport, 40.5ºC; and the port 40.5ºC—blistering highs which placed practically the whole province under a yellow warning for high temperatures.

In fact the arrival of the local terral wind has led to the hottest night in Malaga so far this summer, registered yesterday Tuesday, which saw highs of almost 34ºC in Torremolinos; 33ºC at the airport and above 33ºC in the port of the capital at just 7am.

The Terral wind is a local weather phenomenon in the Malaga area, Estepona, Guadalhorce Valley and Velez-Malagaa wind that comes from the north-west and heats up significantly on its journey south until arriving at the coast.

As of today, Wednesday, it is expected that the Levante wind will regress and the typical summer temperatures will return.

The sea water is also much warmer than usual for this time of the year.


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