THREE new affordable green housing projects are to be developed in Valencia City.

The project will see 180 apartments built for rent in Moreras and Tarongers and form part of a new housing plan signed with the European Investment Bank. 

Rent and houses prices have soared in Valencia over the past few years

The Tarongers development will cost €15 million and is expected to take two years to complete while the building in Moreras has a budget of €12 million, taking 18 months to build.

Valencia Housing Snip
Housing in Valencia is in very high demand.
Photo: Wikipedia

Developers AUMSA say the buildings will have close to zero carbon emissions 

Strict criteria is required to apply for the housing, with proof of income needing to be shown.

The maximum rental price for all the apartments has been set at €400, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Urban Development Sandra Gomez explained.


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