NEWLY discovered art engravings found just outside Barcelona have been dated at 14,000 years old. 

Archaeologists from the Autonomous University of Barcelona made the discovery of the ancient engravings earlier this week and have now determined they were engraved during the Upper Paleolithic era.

In addition a full 3D scan revealed the engravings were of a Pyrenean ibex, an ancient wild goat which was officially declared extinct in the year 2000.

Wiki Lynx
A Pyrenean ibex drawing from the 1800s.
Photo: Wikipedia

researcher Jorge Martínez-Moreno told Far Out Magazine: “There are elements and visual resources with which to narrate stories or specify spaces that show the people who did the engravings were intelligent and technically skilled.”

The engravings shed new light on the evolution of the Pyrenean ibex as a species.

“The engravings generated visualizations with a high empathic content that we have been able to decode thousands of years later,” Moreno added.

In 2003, scientists in Spain attempted to clone a Pyrenean ibex from DNA, however the kid died shortly after its birth due to a lung defect.


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