HOTELS in the capital of the Costa del Sol will be at almost full capacity throughout the days of the feria—seeing more tourism than before the pandemic.

According to forecasts offered by the vice-president of the Association of Hoteliers of the Costa del Sol, Francisco Moro, hotel occupancy in the capital is expected to be around 95% during the bank holiday weekend, from Saturday, August 13, to Monday, August 15, inclusive, as well as during the second part of week-long feria celebrations.

Three cruise ships, expected to arrive during the week of the feria, will also add another 9,000 people to the thousands that will already be partying on the streets of the capital.

Additionally, the forecast for tourists arriving to the Costa del Sol via Malaga airport until the end of the month is expected to exceed one million (with 1,055,980 flight seats booked), of which 82.8% (874,222 seats) come from the international market.

Meanwhile, Jacobo Florido, Councillor for Tourism at Malaga City Council, has said that the main influx of visitors to the capital, specifically in the next few days to enjoy the Malaga feria, will be of domestic origin, with figures predicted to exceed those registered in 2019.

Due to the foreseen increase in demand for tourist information during these critical days, Malaga City Council, through the Department of Tourism, is launching a special plan for the 2022 Fair, and will reinforce the staff in the city’s tourist offices as well as extend the offices’ opening hours, offering up to 603 hours of information.

Two additional information points will also be set up in Vialia (Maria Zambrano train station) and at Malaga Airport.


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