ALL coastal bathing spots in Andalucia meet water quality requirements according to a recent report.

In fact, as stated in a report published by the Regional Ministry of Health and Families, there is only one bathing spot in the whole of Andalucia that is not fit for bathing.

Since July 1, there has been a temporary ban for bathing in the Guadamatillas river reservoir (La Colada dam) in El Viso (Cordoba) due to the presence of a potentially toxic Cyanobacteria species.

Following a risk assessment of the results obtained by the Confederacion Hidrografica del Guadiana over the past month, the Territorial Delegation of Cordoba maintains the ban in this resevoir as exposure to cyanobacteria may result in skin irritation, stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fever, sore throat, headache, muscle and joint pain, blisters of the mouth and liver damage.

Apart from this one isolated case, all other bathing spots in Andalucia, both inland and coastal, have been found apt for swimming.

The water quality report is carried out every fortnight throughout the summer season by the Directorate General for Public Health and Pharmaceutical Organisation which monitors over 350 sampling points in coastal and inland bathing areas in Andalucia.

The different parameters taken into account to make the evaluation include: transparency, colour, mineral oils, the presence of persistent foam and floating solids, organic remains and any other residue – glass, plastic, rubber, wood – that may affect the water quality standards.

This report on bathing waters in Andalucia is issued periodically every fortnight throughout the summer season and also provides information on recommendations or bans on bathing.

The reports are available for public consultation on the website of the Regional Ministry of Health and Families until the end of the bathing season on September 30.


All coastal bathing spots in Spain’s Andalucia meet water quality requirements

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