THE National Institute of Hurricanes in the USA has warned Spain that a hurricane might hit the north of the country from Tuesday September 5 to Thursday, September 8.

A new storm called Juliette is due to arrive in Spain from the Atlantic and there is a 50% chance of it becoming a tropical cyclone.

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Spain might be hit by a hurricane, American experts warn. Image Flickr

With three storms reaching the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula at roughly the same time there is a big chance of them combining into a full-blown hurricane.

Physicist and meteorologist of the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), Juan Jesus Gonzalez Aleman, confirmed on Twitter the possibility of a hurricane forming in the Atlantic, but said it would be at a high latitude. He added that it was far from certain, as a complex set of events would have to happen for a hurricane to form.


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