AFTER a hot weekend in a final flurry of summer, autumn will arrive early and abruptly to Andalucia.

The entry of an Atlantic squall, Hurricane Danielle, will see an onset of rain this Monday, September 12, that will affect Spain’s most southern region, specifically in the west.

According to Spain’s national Met Office, AEMET, this phenomenon will cause a squall that will affect the community with a significant drop in temperatures as well as bring much needed rain to the region.

Although the consequences of this meteorological phenomenon will begin to be felt as of today in Western Andalucia, it will not be until tomorrow, Tuesday 13, when the early autumn weather will be significantly noted.

For the first time so far this summer maximum temperatures are not expected to exceed 30ºC in Andalucia.

In fact, except for provinces such as Sevilla and Almeria, the temperature drop will be abrupt, with up to eleven degrees difference in some areas such as Granada.

Rain is expected to be constant throughout the week in the eight Andalucian provinces, with a yellow alert activated for heavy rain in the province of Huelva, specifically in Aracena, Andevalo and Condado, and in the coastal area.

It is expected that the squall will dissipate towards the end of the week, as of Friday September 16.


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