MALAGA-Costa del Sol Airport was used by over two million passengers in August and saw over fifteen thousand flights landing and taking off.

These figures provided by airport operator Aena are only 7% less than in the same month the year before the pandemic began and highlight that tourism on the Costa del Sol is recovering.

Both national and international air traffic has increased, which has made it possible to close the gap with the data prior to the pandemic.

The UK, with 584,179 passengers, is still the top market for Malaga Airport, followed by France with 130,931 travellers, Germany with 130,806 and Holland with 104,149.

Other countries also stand out for their strong growth rate such as Italy (77,435), Norway (51,682), Morocco (44,298) or Austria (24,593), which was well above 2019 figures.

The same goes for passengers on domestic flights (356,511), which exceeded those of August 2019 by 20.6%.

August 6 was the day of the month which saw the most air traffic, with 531 flights landing and taking off, while in terms of passengers, the busiest day was the 13th, with 74,185 passengers arriving or leaving Malaga airport, the main gateway to the Costa del Sol.


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